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Imagine an exchange that gives you ultimate security without sacrificing performance.

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Why is Symetria going to be a better wallet & exchange than the rest? Because of Personal Blockchains...

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Industry Challenges

Lacking transparency

Many popular exchanges:

• Act unilaterally limiting access to users' accounts and funds

• Lack clarity after a transaction has been executed

• Have unclear or surprise fees

• Show frustrating mystery errors

With Symetria you can trade with peace of mind. We address these challenges through the introduction of Personal Blockchains, giving you proof of every action.

Slow, prone to delays

Many exchanges leave you:

• Waiting too long for verification and missing opportunities

• Waiting for 20 minutes or more to complete a transaction

• Struggling to figure out how to buy into ICOs

With Symetria you can trade instantly, accounts are optional, and you can buy into ICOs directly from your wallet.

Difficult to use

Most other exchanges:

• Provide non-intuitive and impersonal user experiences

• Make critical functions hard for you to find

• Require too many steps to finalize a simple transaction

Imagine being able to exchange cryptocurrency quickly and smoothly through a simple conversational interface. Symetria's one-of-a-kind user experience makes this happen.

Personal Blockchains

Imagine trading on an exchange where every action is backed by a cryptographic receipt, giving you peace of mind that your trade will go exactly as you planned. We make this happen.


Transaction integrity

Our Wallet and Exchange Features

Multi-Coin wallet with direct sending to ICOs

Now you can participate in ICO sales directly from your wallet. Symetria provides you with a unique sending address so you don't need to go through extra steps. Symetria enables you to consolidate all your crypto in one secure and easy to access place.


Easy to use

Email & SMS payments

Imagine having the flexibility of sending cryptocurrency through SMS or email. Symetria offers recipients the option of directing funds where they want them. We give you peace of mind when sending cryptocurrency to first-time users, by giving them easy to follow instructions on how to set up, deposit and re-access a new wallet.


Send to a 'who' not a 'where'

Optional accounts

Imagine trading cryptocurrency securely, without the need for an account. You can trade instantly on Symetria with the security and speed of personal blockchains.

Isolated blockchain replay security

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a 3rd party can audit every transaction to ensure that it happened exactly as planned. Our isolated blockchain replay security system does exactly that.

Dust collection

Imagine being able to consolidate and convert your coin fragments into the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Symetria is the only wallet and exchange that uses Personal Blockchain technology

Personal Blockchain technology gives you the speed and privacy of centralized exchanges with the fairness of decentralized ones

The Team

Josh Lang

Co-founder & CEO

Josh eats, sleeps and breathes crypto. He is the original founder of Symetria and is in charge of all things tech. He is the master of this space. With three decades of programming experience he specializes in large scale data processing, networking communications, security (threat analysis and mitigation), computer forensics, cryptography, and distributed systems.

Adnan Abdel-Razzak

Co-founder & COO

Adnan is the lead marketer for Symetria leveraging a wealth of strategic communications experience developed over a decade in Dubai, working with multi-national companies including Franklin Templeton and Hill+Knowlton Strategies. He brings structure and process to the business, helping us stay on track.

Erin Langs

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

Erin is the official people person at Symetria. She brings a plenitude of multi-sector experience and the ability to talk to anyone. Community minded, Erin was elected to the board of the Canadian Business Council in Dubai and founded Dubai's Canada Club. She has a background in corporate social responsibility and sustainability and keeps us on our toes developing for the greater good.

Simon Vieira

Design Director

Simon is instrumental in translating the Symetria vision into reality. He oversees all things brand, design and UX for Symetria, making sure that whatever we do is design-driven and user-centric. He brings with him 12 years of experience in the tech industry, ranging from work at various start-ups to larger corporations including EA Games, Microsoft, Bluzelle and Disney. He also taught design at the Vancouver Film School.

Edmund Ng

Community Manager

Edmund is our online voice and moderator. His role is to increase Symetria's following through our various social channels by telling our story where it is heard. Steeped in the crypto-scene in Vancouver, he is a co-organizer of Crypto-Vancouver, a leading cryptocurrency meetup in the city. Not new to the industry, Edmund joined us from Dfinity, an upcoming blockchain infrastructure project. He is also technically versed, with past experience as an Ethereum contract developer.

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Join us as we collaborate to design, develop and deliver solutions that help people overcome barriers to entry into the blockchain economy.

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We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will stay confidential. It's our promise.

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