A New Standard for Accountability and 

Fairness in Cryptocurrency

Symetria is the first cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service built using Personal Blockchains

Providing proof of integrity between the user and the service



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The Symetria Wallet will launch early 2019

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Industry Challenges

Lack of Transparency

Confused about surprise fees and mystery errors after a transaction is executed?

Symetria uses Personal Blockchains which provides proof of every action.

Transactional Delays

Worried that you're missing out on opportunities because you're waiting too long for verification?

Symetria allows you to trade instantly, meaning no more lost opportunities.

Poor User Experience

Frustrated with the non-intuitive and impersonal user experience?

Symetria provides a seamless user experience. Our products are simple to use and accessible to all users.

Our Wallet and Exchange Features


Personal Blockchains provides proof of integrity. Every transaction is backed by a cryptographic receipt, so each trade will go exactly as planned with Symetria. 



An enhanced, user-centric design to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience for traders of all experience levels. Symetria delivers the speed and privacy of centralized services with the fairness of a decentralized exchange.



A new standard in transparency and accountability that empowers users to hold the exchange accountable for its part in every single transaction. A new way to do business.


Instant Trading

Trade cryptocurrency instantly and privately using Personal Blockchains.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that every transaction will go exactly as planned.

New Standard

Be the first to try the new standard for accountability and fairness in cryptocurrency.

Symetria is the only wallet and exchange that uses 

Personal Blockchain Technology

Personal Blockchain Technology gives you the speed and privacy of centralized exchanges with the fairness of decentralized ones

The Team

Josh Lang

Co-founder & CEO

Josh eats, sleeps and breathes crypto. He is the original founder of Symetria and is in charge of all things tech. He is the master of this space. With three decades of programming experience, he specializes in large-scale data processing, networking communications, security (threat analysis and mitigation), computer forensics, cryptography, and distributed systems.

Adnan Abdel-Razzak

Co-founder & COO

Adnan is the lead marketer for Symetria, leveraging a wealth of strategic communications experience developed over a decade in Dubai, working with multi-national companies including Franklin Templeton and Hill+Knowlton Strategies. He brings structure and process to the business, helping us stay on track.

Erin Langs

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

Erin is the official people person at Symetria. She brings a plenitude of multi-sector experience and the ability to talk to anyone. Community-minded, Erin was elected to the board of the Canadian Business Council in Dubai and founded Dubai's Canada Club. She has a background in corporate social responsibility and sustainability and keeps us on our toes developing for the greater good.


Alex Price

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex oversees all aspects of the marketing function from operations, to execution and performance. His impressive pedigree includes time with Sony and SEGA; bringing Skyrim to market and managing the Tomb Raider and LEGO Star Wars brands – so we know the Symetria message is in excellent hands. When he’s not creating marketing master plans, Alex makes the most of all Vancouver has to offer in the way of restaurants, film, live music, and snowboarding.  

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